Let’s get Tangled up in fun

Rhemidy celebrated her 3rd birthday this past weekend. Her theme was Rapunzel. She had a blast, and we were blessed with many family and friends coming by to celebrate, however, due to having so many people, I forgot to get many pictures. But that is not important, because Rhem had a blast and loved having everyone there! Thank you all who came to celebrate and blessed our girl with some more princess (and hello kitty, my little pony, and minnie mouse) toys and accessories and new clothes 🙂

IMG_6535 IMG_6536 IMG_6538 IMG_6540 IMG_6544 IMG_6548



Rhemidy is 3!

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We celebrated My sweet Rhemidy turning 3 the other day. We started off her birthday with her room filled with 70 pink, white, and purple balloons. (which she thought was awesome. Her exact words were, “Oh mom! I love these balloons!” 🙂 ) We had donuts for breakfast (thanks to Jess who brought them over to share with the kiddos) Birthday Cake Oreo’s for snack. She picked Mac N Cheese with Peas for lunch. After all (FIVE) daycare kids went home that day, we headed out to Monkey Joes for the girls to play. They Had A Blast. (I was annoyed at first, because apparently, UNLESS you rent a birthday party room, you are NOT allowed to bring in presents. DUMB. so then I refused to buy their average tasting, $15 cheese pizza. lol) After an hour and a half of running, jumping, sliding, and playing we headed out to Pizza Ranch for dinner. (She said she wanted Pizza for dinner and we wanted somewhere that would sing to her) She, of course, ate 3 bits of her cheesy bread sticks and decided she wasn’t very hungry. Her sister on the other hand had 2 pieces of pizza, 2 cheesy bread sticks, corn, and 2 blueberry dessert pizza. Haha. After we were done eating, she opened her presents, Some clothes (that I bought used, 5 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, and 3 dresses for $4! yay for being thrifty!) and a Scentsy Frog (again, used for $3.. still had its tags on it and everything!) AND a My First Princess Aurora Doll. (a find at Once Upon A Child for $3. Woot!) She loved all her gifts. We then let her have ice cream and some blueberry dessert pizza (unfortunately due to me having a 7 kids, instead of the typical 4, on her birthday I did not have time to bake a cake) and while she was eating a big group of kids (who were helping work that night to raise money for their camp) came out to sing for her. She was so embarrassed/uncomfortable that she just sat there and ate her ice cream as if no one was around her. I could  not help but laugh. (considering moments before they came over, Rhem informed us that everyone needed to sing “Happy Birthday to Rhemidy.” I was also relieved that she didn’t cry, like she did when all her friends/family sang at her second birthday party)

Over all it was a great day, and she was very excited to tell her friends about it the next morning. Her party with friends and family is this weekend, although I cannot decide if we should keep it on Sunday (there is a chance of rain) or move it to Saturday which is suppose to be clear and in the 70’s (but then some friends won’t be able to make it) decisions, decisions. 🙂

oh… MY BABY IS 3! 😮

Time seems to be flying bye.

**you can find her reaction to them singing Happy Birthday on my Instagram account: Arrowsandbows127



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1. My sweet Rhem has been talking all weekend about her birthday week that starts tomorrow. I cannot believe she is turning three already.
2. Miss Hadiley has gotten AWESOME at signing and saying “Eeeeeese” (please); she signed please about 10 times (and clapped for herself after each time) for this single piece of cheese. She cracks me up.
3. Baby #3. Sweet baby boy is 22 weeks today.


park love

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The other day I had an unexpected day off, so I took the girls out for donuts, trift store shopping, and a play date at the park. Hadiley is such a busy, curious, tough girl. She just wanted to run around and see EVERYTHING and boy, did she fall A LOT, but no tears. Rhemidy, of course, cried if a kid accidentally brushed against her on the way up the steps. (She is so much like me. hahaha) I love being able to just go and do things and look forward to the day when I no longer am doing daycare, and can take the kids out to explore whenever we feel inclined too! I am very excited that the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, unfortunately it is spring here in the midwest, which means lots of rain is coming, but soon we will have warm and sunny days. We are ready to be out and burning off all this energy that has been bottled up since the first snow in OCTOBER. It has been a long 5 months.

This weekend was another nice weekend, so we had more park time, a little shopping for the house and boy, and PJ and I even had a date night! (which ended at a batting cage, which I have not hit a ball in a v.e.r.y. long time, so the first few pitches I was extremely stiff, but I did end up hitting a few, but I definitely felt it the next morning. My back and arms are killing me! haha)



IMG_6029IMG_5974IMG_6012  1. Rhemidy is ALWAYS singing. Usually it is a combination of “Let it Go” and just made up words and things about her day. I love it.
2. We have balloons from the big reveal, and you can find Hadiley playing when them from the time she wakes up, until she goes to sleep. (the only time she doesn’t have them, is when she is eating. Girl loves to eat.)
3. Baby BOY. 20 weeks. 3 days. He is moving around a lot more, and we are still working on finding the perfect name for him. Finding his name seems to be more work than it was with both girls. But, we have 20 whole weeks to decide. 🙂



IMG_5668 IMG_5708 IMG_5713
1. Rhemidy was ignoring me outside and kept running from the camera with a smirk on her face.
2. Hadiley is in love with outside. If I let her, she would spend all day out there, even though it hasn’t even hit the 40’s yet today.
3. Baby 3. 19 weeks, 2 days. (we find out gender in 5 days! 🙂 )


IMG_5281 IMG_5305

1.Hadiley’s favorite spot in the house is the bench daddy built underneath the window.
2. Rhemi loves setting up the mats for nap time, and the blankets MUST BE PERFECT. 🙂
3. Baby #3. 18 weeks, 2 days.

(Pictures were taken yesterday, I just forgot to post them. oops 🙂 )


the things she says.

Some recent quotes from the one and only Rhemidy.

“Mom! Did you put these grapes on my plate?!! OHH I am SO excited to eat them!”

(looks at Hadiley)”You’re a pretty lady.”

(places play phone to her ear) “Mom, I am on the phone with my dad, you need to wait a minute and be quiet please.”

(while watching the Hunger Games, Catching fire, girl gets naked in elevator, you don’t see any private parts, thankfully, but you can tell she is taking clothes off and when she walks out you see her from behind (not her behind) that she doesn’t have a shirt) “Ummm, why did that girl get naked? There were boys.” (smart girl 😉 )

(daily question) “Mom! Why can’t Hadiley talk to me!?!” (or ‘why isn’t she saying hello back to me, etc.)

(trying to learn that we need to listen to mom and dad) “When I listen, I not funny :/, but when I LISTEN, I am funny! 🙂 ”

(talking about her upcoming birthday and turning three years old)” MOM I AM NOT THREE! I TWO!!!” “Rhem, I know you are two, but you are going to turn three next month.” “NO I AM TWO!!!!!!”

(after going potty) “Mom, I think I have a baby in my belly, like you!”

IMG_5060 IMG_5062 IMG_5070 IMG_5075 IMG_5079 IMG_5082 IMG_5093

An exhausted mom and a slow computer.

Okay, I promise I have not forgotten about you all. I have actually gone to written a few new entries, and halfway through I get distracted and never end up publishing them. Last week I had a new kid to watch, and she WORE ME OUT. Being new, she was very clingy and would scream whenever I left the room, this took a tole on our kids as well. Seeing as when the weekend finally arrived, Rhem turned into a monster who wanted attention at all moments of the day, and if she was told to wait, she would SCREAM like never before. Things are finally starting to get back to normal, however, Hadiley is now sick. Blah. I need a nap… or five.

Any ways, on a happier (?) note, Hadiley is now 10 months old. How did 10 months pass already?! How is it December 2013 already!?!? Ahh.

Well my sweet 10 month old daughter is growing like crazy. She is 25 pounds already, (at 10 months, Rhemidy is two years older and only 5 pounds heavier! ha!) She can walk, she can say Mama and Dada, She waves hello and goodbye, She gives High-fives, She claps, She climbs stairs and onto chairs, and She LOVES to dance. She is such a joy and I cannot imagine life without this amazing love bug.

IMG_3131 IMG_3137 IMG_3141

Rhemidy is so in love with Hadiley as well. I could not have dreamed of Rhemi being so amazing with her. She often times refers to Hadi as her “Sweetheart” and claps every time Hadiley does something (even if she has been doing it for months) and loves to help her with anything she needs. Every day I look at Rhemidy, I am amazed a how old she seems. She is so smart and has the best heart. She, of course, has her moments where I want to pull my hair out, but then she gives me that silly little smile and says, “I lub you mommy! You are so PEWtiful!” (beautiful)
Clearly I am blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined. Thank you God for two, beautiful, sweet, amazing, and healthy (besides Hadi’s cold) girls. 🙂IMG_2559

Love. & Merry Christmas