Let’s get messy.

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Today we attended a messy play date. The girls played in a sandbox, played with moon dough, sidewalk paint, finger painted, dug for treasures in frozen jello, colored with markers, and frosted some sugar cookies. They had a blast and was very sad to leave. I love when we get out of the house and engage with other kids. Rhem has really started to open up more, and make friends when we are out and about. Sometimes we get worried, because she often likes to stand on the side lines and watch kids play, not really engaging in any conversation with anyone. But since we got our cat, she has become way more social. She loves telling everyone she meets about her kitty at home, which she seems to use as an ice breaker, then she is up for playing and singing and being a goofy 3 year old with her new found friends. Hadiley, being only 18 months, doesn’t engage in conservations, but she seems to be a go getting and loves to follow bigger kids around. She doesn’t seem to care much about socializing with kids around her own age though, haha.

The girls really seemed to love getting all messy, so while they are napping I made some playdough for them to play with when they make up. It was super easy, and extremely soft. I used 2tbs of conditioner, yes what you wash your hair with, and 3 1/2 – 4tbs of corn starch and knead with my hands. the end. I am excited to let the girls play with it when they wake up, and bonus, it makes your hands super soft in the end! 🙂

(I found the play-dough recipe here.)


*also. still pregnant. lol*



Well, as you can tell, I haven’t been updating much lately. Everyday I wake up with the plan to make time to get some pictures, or try a new recipe, or sew something up, and update the blog. But due to lack of sleep this last week, a hubby working from 7am-3:30pm, then attending night school from 4:30pm-9:15pm, and me staying home with our two girls, my 3 nieces, and one daycare child, on top of being 30+ weeks pregnant, equals one EXHAUSTED mama. Last night I actually did take some 31 weeks pregnant, only to upload them and see I had set the focus wrong and they all were pretty darn blurry. I thought about retaking them, but instead I quickly gave my girls bath, got them ready for bed, cleaned the house, made the Hubby’s lunch, and went to bed. Ha.

The rest of this week will probably continue on being busy busy busy, but hoping this weekend I can finally do some update blogging. (Although with PJ having Drill during the day on Saturday and part of Sunday, an with Father’s Day being Sunday, we will see if I have time.) And next M-F will pretty much be the same as this week.

But seeing as the girls are currently occupied, I have a few minutes to spare.

Rhem surprises me everyday. This girl loves to learn, loves to explore, and is such a nurturer. While her sister is starting the “testing limits and hitting” stage, Rhem is very patient with her and has yet to strike back. I am really wanting to get her in some classes soon, like dance or gymnastics. And hopefully she will be getting swimming lessons soon as well. Often times I find myself just watching her, wondering HOW I already have a child who is 3 (going on 13) and how blessed I am with such a sweet, silly three year old!

Hadiley. Oh my wild child. She hates strollers (unless they are in our house, then she must be pushed all around our small house…) as well as carriers, she wants to walk…err. run. Which would be fine, if she would listen and follow us, or you know, hold my hand. I am just realizing that she is starting to growing taller, so I am constantly putting clothes away that I literally just got out of storage. She has mastered the art of kissing without drooling ALL OVER your face, and although she doesn’t always want to give mom or dad a kiss, when she does, she HAS to give you 15 in a row. Her vocabulary is growing each day, which I love, but sad to see my baby girl growing up SO fast. (and I mean FAST! seeing as she walked 3 whole months before Rhem learned to walk.) She is now saying:
More, All done, Mom, Dada, Up, Please, Thank You, I love you, Bye/Hi, No, Yes.

Where have my babies gone? Well, all is good, because baby boy will be here in 9 weeks!! I am very excited for August to get here, so I will have my newborn little boy, an 18 month toddler girl, and my 3 and half year old teenager. 😉 I had an appointment last Friday, I was measure right on tract, no swelling, good blood pressure, and great numbers on my glucose test. And heart beat was strong. My next Appointment is Next Friday, when I will be 32 weeks 5 days, then I will have another at 34w. 5d. Then 36w.5d. Then 37w. 5d. then 38w.5d. then 39w.5d. and then HOPEFULLY baby will be here! 6 more appointments (maybe 7) Ahh. So close.

I love knowing he will be here so soon, but at the same time I look around the house and thing, Oh no, we have only 9 weeks to finish all these rooms. (Kitchen needs finished primed and painted. Living room needs trim and baseboard put up, hallway needs second coat of primer plus paint and baseboard, “green” room needs to finish being mudded, then primed, then painted, then base board, then a door put on, oh and we need to add lights to the room, THEN we can finally bring our bed and dresser down and set up for baby, then the “blue” room needs the ceiling replaced because of some mold, then painted, then we can turn it back into the girls room. Oh and the bathroom still needs baseboard. Writing this list makes me want to cry. haha.) After baby gets here, we then can move to focusing on repainting the upstairs and getting new baseboard and trim up there, and focus on the outside, which will includ painting some of the house, LOTS of weeding, and tearing somethings out. so. much. work. blah.

Okay. now I must clean up all the crumbs my sweet Hadiley just poured all over the couch and new rug, and clean up the water that Rhem spilled during her “tea” party, and finish cleaning up dinner.

Beautiful weather creates Joyfilled days

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Last week we had wonderful weather, so we spent a lot of time outside and at parks. I even was able to get Rhem’s kite out that she got for Easter, and she did an awesome job flying it by herself. This week we are due for some cooler weather and thunder storms, which has caused us to stay inside. We also are currently getting work done on the main level of our house, so I am stuck up stairs with my two kids, plus the two daycare kids. I now know what it would be like to live in a single bedroom apartment with 4 kids. AH. 🙂


St. PADDY’s day and warm weather

Well apparently us Americans have been saying St. Patty’s day, but really if we are going to shorten it, it is suppose to be St. Paddy’s day. (because Patty is short from Patrica and Paddy is short for Patrick, who knew!? 🙂 )

Anyways, since all the St. Patrick’s day festivities were over the weekend, I completely forgot that Monday was actually St. Patrick’s day, so I quickly pulled out some things green for crafts with the kids, I made some green popcorn balls for snack, and i made delicious asparagus to add bright green to our dinner. (I thought about making green eggs, but I know Rhem would not touch it if they were green, so I opt out of that lol)

We also have been enjoying some nice weather the last few days, causing snow to melt away and the ground to dry up (well in some places) allowing kids time to go out and play. It has been WONDERFUL. Unfortantly today is another chilly day, with light rain/snow in the air, but the next two days will be in the mid-high 50’s! YAY (this is glorious news for us midwesters that have been stuck in a very cold, snowy winter!)

Hadiley is LOVING the outdoors, since she has got a glimpse of life outside, she now stands at the window whining and longing for running around in the grass and going on walks. I cannot wait until the winter is far behind us and for summer’s hot days and playing in the water surround us. It will come. I must believe this. (although another chance of snow on Monday takes a little of that hope away. Sigh. )

In other news. SIX days until we find out if our new little arrow will rock a BOW in her hair, or a BOW-TIE on his neck. 🙂

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A picture of my kids, once a week for one year.
IMG_4711 IMG_4762 IMG_4796

1.Rhemidy has really grown up. She is beginning to listen a lot more and loves “cooking” meals for her family.
2. Hadiley is a handful. From teething and crying, to mischievous and climbing, to hilarious and smiling. She has us on our toes.
3. Baby #3. 16weeks, 2days. Cannot wait to find out if our family will gain another princess or our first prince. 🙂


Drive In Adventure

IMG_8691 IMG_8700 IMG_8706 IMG_8712 IMG_8715

Last week we took the girls to their very first drive in movie. Rhem was a little confused on what we were doing but lit up when she saw they had a little kid train to ride on. We ended up seeing Man and Steel (which PJ was really excited to see)I thought it was good, but I think I had extremely high hopes for it (we recently just watched the whole series of Smallville) and it just didn’t live up to the high expectations I had. Towards the end of Man of Steel both girls passed out. The next movie was World War Z. O.M.Gosh. I LOVED that movie. However, if the world DOES end in a Zombie Apocalypse they better not be fast like they are in WWZ or we are all screwed. haha Hopefully we will be heading back up there in the next week so Rhem can see Monsters U, because I think she will enjoy that much more! 🙂 (Oh, and what a beautiful sunset!)


Oh hey there

I am still around. Unfortunately our wifi is currently down, and with our office room under construction, being on the internet is a rare occurrence in this house currently, which has obviously restricted me from updating. (while I type this, standing, in the corner of the kitchen, I hear little Hads fussing, so this shall be short and sweet.)

Not to much to update one. Summer and Thunderstorms have rolled our way. Rhem is loving spending as much time as possible outside, and Hadi seems to love just laying on a blanket in the shade. She (Hadi) now rolls all around. She constantly is reaching for toys to play with and loves to jump. Rhemidy seems she has aged into an older child. She is so helpful, becoming rather polite, and starting to memorize more and more songs! (and she LOVES to sing to us.)

IMG_5181 IMG_8474

What have I been doing lately?

Once again, I have been slacking on updating. I apologize. Whenever I read blogs, I always look for one who often update with pictures. I love being able to get a glimpse into others lives. To me, the more pictures, the better. So today I give you a post with lots of pictures to make up for being gone. 🙂

So what have we’ve been up to? Well we have had my niece Leona over, Hadiley has been growing (4 months already!), we have been baby wearing, playing in mud, going on walks, sunning diapers, celebrating PJ’s birthday, playing, playing, playing, and even scheduled in a trip to the zoo. 🙂
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IMG_2925_edited-2 IMG_2952_edited-1

My sweet little niece was born yesterday. Here is baby Toria. 8 1/2 pounds of perfection. 🙂

She makes baby number 4 born this year in our family. My daughter Hadiley was born at the beginning of February. My cousin’s son Aiden was born at the end of April. My other cousin’s son, Jase, was born last week. And now my sister’s daughter, Toria, was born yesterday. 2 more babies to come in the next month! I cannot wait to get a picture of all 6 of them together this fall!


Computer problems.

computer problems. :/ Hopefully it will resolve itself soon so I am able to do my fragments update with some pictures! but if I do not update for a few days, that is why. Hopefully if it doesnt fix itself, we will be able to get a new computer soon for me to use for pictures/blogging, otherwise I might start hogging my husbands computer! 🙂

xoxo brittney