Long weeks, short weekends.

This week and last week have been SO LONG. I have been working everyday from 7am-6pm and my poor hubs has been going to work at 6:30am, getting off at 3pm, getting a hour to find something to eat, then going to night class until 9pm. Then last weekend the hubby had Drill (army stuff) all day Saturday and from 7am-1pm on Father’s day. Friday things will finally go back to normal for a couple weeks, before he starts another night class, but thankfully that one is only 2 nights and then he’ll be done. He is suppose to leave for Annual Training (more Army stuff) at the end of July for 3 weeks, 5 hours away. Oh did I mention that that my due date falls in the middle of those 3 weeks! He is trying to get out of it, since he just got back from a 2 week training last month. Otherwise, He’ll have to go and once I am in labor I can call and they will give him a call to head back home. I am worried he won’t make it in time, seeing as my last labor was only 4 hours long and he will be 5 hours away. And I kinda need him this time lol He was awesome and active in the other 2 births (he caught both babies) but this is the first birth I plan to do all natural with no drugs, so I really want him there to help me through the contractions and what have you. I am trying not to stress about it, and trusting God that everything will work out perfectly, but as the birth gets closer (I am 32 weeks an 3 days already!) I start to really think about it, and how he might miss the birth of our first boy.

Anways, with the buisiness of our lives lately I have not had time to update the blog, or get many pictures. I keep writing on my dry erase board how many weeks I am and the size of the baby so I can do my week to week pregnancy pictures, but never get around to actually taking the picture. But I Promise, tomorrow I WILL do my picture a week of the kids, and Sunday I WILL do a pregnancy update picture. (and if I don’t… well, sorry! lol)

This past weekend, since dad was working, the girls and I decided to go out and have some fun. We tried a new donut place across the river, which the girls LOVED. And we spent the day at Nana’s house with the cousins playing in the sprinkler, in a homemade outdoor tent, playing with chalk, and digging for worms. πŸ™‚ On Sunday (which I didn’t get any pictures. sad.) we spent the morning waiting for Daddy to get off work so we could celebrate Father’s day. We thought the latest would be noon but held out hope he would get done sooner, but FINALLY at 1 he got released. We headed out for lunch, followed by ooing and awwing over the cats, dogs, bunnies, lizard, and guinea pigs at the humane society. We then decided to look at houses. We’re wild. lol I am hoping for a fun weekend coming up, filled with a morning at the spray park, with shopping and lunch at the farmers market, then home for nap and playing outside while mom and dad work on the house some more, and ending the night with a late night movie at the park. Sunday, I think we will try a new church. We LOVE our pastor at our current church, and it is my childhood church that has been a second home to me since I was in junior high, but I think it is time we find a new church that has more young married couples with young kids for us to fellowship with.

_MG_8279 _MG_8283 _MG_8289 _MG_8293 _MG_8318 _MG_8350 _MG_8377 _MG_8382 _MG_8385 _MG_8390


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Weekend fun

IMG_7010 IMG_7031 IMG_7044 IMG_7061 IMG_7094 IMG_7102 IMG_7111 IMG_7117 IMG_7135 IMG_7145 IMG_7177 IMG_7195 IMG_7202 IMG_7213 IMG_7229

This last weekend daddy was away for military training, however, I still wanted to get out with the girls. We headed out to the summer opening of our Farmers Market and got some delicious treats! The girls just wanted to play in the gorgeous weather, so we quickly left because it was so PACKED and headed over to my moms so the girls could play with their cousins. Of course, my mom loved having her FIVE granddaughters over to play. I am excited to mix it up this fall when we add her first grandSON. πŸ™‚


Early Easter Egg Hunt

IMG_6198 IMG_6200 IMG_6216 IMG_6223 IMG_6227 IMG_6232 IMG_6245 IMG_6254 IMG_6272 IMG_6277

On Saturday my church did an Easter Egg Hunt and cookie decorating. The girls had a blast, although Hadiley didn’t quite understand the concept. All she wanted to do was hold two eggs at all times, and then when I started helping her, she continued to take eggs out of her own basket and put themΒ  back on the ground. Eventually she got it. Rhem was so excited to open all her eggs up to see all the awesome treats, which I quickly had to hide once we got home. πŸ™‚


Tea for three

IMG_4800 IMG_4803 IMG_4805 IMG_4807 IMG_4820 IMG_4839

On Saturday, Nana had three of (four, soon to be 6!) grandbabies over for a fancy tea (chocolate milk with whip cream) party. Leona, Rhemidy, and Hadiley got out their favorite dresses, which Nana decorated with some beautiful pearls, and dined on some old, floral china. They sipped their “tea” and enjoyed some deli rolls, mini cinnamon rolls, delicious cupcakes, and fresh fruit. They even shared with their favorite teddy bears. I love watching them make memories with my mom, and enjoy things I did when I was a little tot. I see more tea parties in the future with their awesome Nana.


Beautiful Fall Day

IMG_2014 IMG_2060

Lately it has been rather chilly and lots of overcast, so I was very excited when I saw that today had a high of 59 and sunny. So as soon as we got ready this morning, we headed down town to a gorgeous park to play and snap some pictures. The girls had a blast running around (or crawling around) and I loved to watch them play and catch some pictures of them in action. The are just so filled of joy and have such a love for one another. Although, in most pictures Hadi looks as if we are punishing her by having to hang with her big sis. πŸ™‚

(And I am in day 4 of the 24 day Challenge with Advocare, although it has been tough, giving up my love of bread and milk chocolate…oooh and caramel, I have noticed changed in my appearance already and feeling great! I do not know what I am more excited about, to get to day 24 and see the results, or get to day 24 and eat a delicious cheesy pizza with some chocolate chip cookies! haha)

love & peace.

A dream come true

First. So sorry, I have been gone for nearly 2 months. I have been so busy with the hustle of summer and we still don’t have our Wifi fixed so I haven’t spent much time at the computer, definitely not enough to update. But summer has come to an end and I have so much to catch up on. So I will hopefully be able to get back in the rhythm of updating daily. (or at least weekly lol)

Yesterday, one of my dreams came true. I met a family that has been a a huge inspiration to me and insight in how I want to raise my children. That family is The Duggars, from TLC’s show 19 kids and counting. I had gotten up Monday morning after a long weekend visiting friends who live 3 hours away. I was checking my facebook when one of my friends posted that she was excited to see the duggars at an event taking place near her house. I immediately needed all the details. Long story short, I raced to get ready and loaded my family back in the car for an hour and 45 minute trip. I got to meet Michelle and Jim Bob as well as watch their kids play some music. Michelle and Jim Bob also talked about raising kids after God’s own heart, and how they manage to have 19 kids. The are such a sweet, amazing family. I hope that I get to see them again in the near future!

IMG_0442 IMG_0443 IMG_0465 IMG_0471

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28

A wonderful weekend

IMG_4762 IMG_4899b IMG_4937 IMG_4988

We spent this weekend hanging outwith some friends who moved to Iowa City and celebrating one of their son’s 7th birthday. It was great catching up, Rhem loved playing with all the kids, and Hadi had her friend Stella to hangout with!(Stell and Hadi are just a day apart!) Rhem also did a craft for Father’s Day. I hope everyone else had a great father’s day!

love. brittney

What have I been doing lately?

Once again, I have been slacking on updating. I apologize. Whenever I read blogs, I always look for one who often update with pictures. I love being able to get a glimpse into others lives. To me, the more pictures, the better. So today I give you a post with lots of pictures to make up for being gone. πŸ™‚

So what have we’ve been up to? Well we have had my niece Leona over, Hadiley has been growing (4 months already!), we have been baby wearing, playing in mud, going on walks, sunning diapers, celebrating PJ’s birthday, playing, playing, playing, and even scheduled in a trip to the zoo. πŸ™‚
IMG_3042 IMG_3113 IMG_3228 IMG_3269b IMG_3354 IMG_3419b IMG_3472 IMG_3529 IMG_3582 IMG_3616 IMG_3675 IMG_3700 IMG_3715 IMG_3720 IMG_3744 IMG_3800


Case of the Mondays

As if Monday’s aren’t hard enough, I have the worse headache ever. On Friday I got mastitis, again. I tried to fight it off this time and not let it ruin my weekend, however it still kicked my butt. We did manage to have some fun this weekend, but I was exhausted and sore the whole weekend. :/

On Friday I had the daycare kiddos until 5 as usual. But I managed to clean up the living room and re arrange. It now hasΒ  a more open feel that we love! The hubs worked, then came home and fixed up our back yard so our dogs couldn’t escape. And had quiet family night at home.

On Saturday we were up by 7am (Hadiley’s choice, not ours) I was feeling worse then the night before but had a list of places to be. I had both girls and myself bathed, dressed, fed, and ready to leave by 9 am (Me:1 Mastitis:0). We headed out to the farmers market to look around and get some fresh produce. Rhem enjoyed jumping in a bounce house they had there & got a balloon from a clown, but all the walking around made my body ache even more, so we headed back home without getting anything.(Me:1 Mastitis:1) When we got home, PJ got put on daddy duty, while mom took a much needed nap! Later we went and hung out with some friends, then attended a birthday party for my niece! Usually I would have a million pictures to share, but I was just to exhausted.(Me:1 Mastitis: 2) By the time we got home I was in so much pain and just laid around for the rest of the night. Sunday was just a lazy day. I was feeling a lot better than I did Saturday night, but my head was pounding.

Today I am back to work, and this headache is still here. Hoping it will be gone by tomorrow because I am so over not feeling well.

Well the babes is sound asleep in my arms, and my stomach is rumbling so now i must quietly put her down so I can make myself some lunch!

IMG_2635 IMG_2651 IMG_2656



Sunday is my favorite day. I love everything about Sundays, expect the fact that the next day is Monday, which means back to work. But let us not think about that. πŸ™‚

Sundays mean church. Lunch with friends. Long afternoon naps. And now that it is nice outside, lots of playing, walking, and yard work.

Today we went to church. (& got there one time! whoot!) Had Noodles and Co for lunch. (Yum!) Came home & napped! Did a photo shoot with Hadiley. Played outside with Rhemidy. Baked some chicken to use for lunch this week. Did a little house work. & took a walk to the gas station up the street to get a snack. Now we are relaxing on the couch, feeling the breeze from outside flow into our house through the open windows. Mmm.

IMG_2044b IMG_2177b