Oliver’s Birth

Well, for the first time I am sitting at my house, on my due date, with baby sleeping in his crib. Ha. That is right, I had my boy the day BEFORE his E.D.D. 🙂

Friday I spent my day, running back and fourth between my midwives office, and walking around town trying to get this baby ready for birth. Finally around 7pm we were given the go ahead to come to the hospital since contractions were 5 minutest apart and we knew I was at least 5cm dilated. We got checked in, 6cm, and headed to our room in labor and delivery. The nurses and my midwife kept complimenting me on how well I was handling my, sometimes 3 1/2 minute, contractions. We walked. I used a birthing ball. I got in the beautiful, giant tub. I sat on the toilet. It was time. I knew it. I got in the bed on hands and knees. Holy cow, it was getting painful. For a second I thought why I was crazy and chose not to get a epidural this time like I did with my girls, but I took a deep breath. I told myself that I could do this. I wanted this birth. I wanted to show myself my body was MADE to do this. Natural. No drugs. I asked my midwife to break my water since we could feel it right there and it just didn’t want to break open. She got her tools ready, went to check how far I was dialted and as soon as her finger touched my amunatic sac, it busted open. No tools needed. The gush of liquid felt wonderful. It took some pressure off. You know, for a whole 2 seconds. It was time to push. I felt him right there. I was in a weird, on my side, position but I needed to push. No time to get on a birthing stool like I had planned, but right there in the bed on my side. I pushed for what seemed like forever, but really was maybe only 10 minutes. My beautiful boy was here. Perfect in every way. I did it. I birthed a baby. No pitocin to induce. No drugs or epidural to deal with pain. My body no only carried this perfect human, it delivered him by itself. I was exhausted. I was in pain. I was proud. Daddy caught him, and brought him straight to my chest. I kissed and loved on him while daddy waited for the umbilical to stop pulsing so he could cut it. It was cut, I brought little Oliver Xavier to my chest and instantly he latched on like a pro. I was so in love. But in that moment I knew something wasn’t right. I just didn’t feel good. I wanted that 2 hours of bonding, nursing, loving, but I didn’t feel comfortable holding him. I felt too weak. I saw my midwife jump into action after birthing my placenta. Pushing hard on my belly trying to get my uterus to harden up. She’d stop, then as she would get up I’d feel a huge gush of blood and clots. She’d check, change the pad, and starting pushing. I started to get nauseous. Then the room start to spin, my hearing was fading. A doctor was called in. More nurses. More pushing. The doctor and midwife took turns trying to scrape out my uterus with their fingers, trying to get out some placenta they felt in there. Oxygen mask went on. Pitocin and fluids were running through the IV in my arm. My husband watched in fear while trying to comfort our new, perfect son. I looked around the room watching what was happening, but so out of it. Knowing this wasn’t right. Scared to shut my eyes. I felt like I was out of my body, watching as I screamed at the top of my lungs as they kept pushing and digging for that little bit on placenta that was causing so much blood loss. They put some drugs in the IV. Pain was starting to lose its edge. I was still felt so out of it, but I could communicate a little better. 5th time is a charge. More clots and a tiny pit of placenta. Bleeding has finally slowed down.  After loosing at least 40% of my blood. Slowly color returned to my face. The drugs helped me fall asleep. I woke up 2 hours later feeling much better. Weak. but better. The IV drugs had worn off, but the pitocin was still pumping. I got some Motrin to help with the cramping. Hubby woke up, still looking worried. But once he saw I didn’t need the oxygen and had color to my face and lips he was put at ease. I sent him home to get some sleep, seeing as I wasn’t leaving the labor and delivery room anytime soon, and because I got a room with a tub, there was no bed for him to sleep on.  I sat there for a while just looking around. Baby was born at 12:19am. It was now 4:00am. It seemed like days had passed, but really all that in just 4 hours. It was scary. Not expected. But we made it. Oliver woke up and was brought to me. Finally I get my bonding time with him. He cuddled and nursed and I just help on tight loving on this perfect child. Thanking God for this perfect child and for allowing me to be there to love on him.

After that things went pretty smooth. Pediatrician came to check our little Ollie out. He confirmed, he was perfect in every way. My bleeding was light, and colored was good. Finally at 9am blood work came back saying that my iron was low, but at an ok level. No blood transfusion was needed or iron supplement. Due to the postpartum rooms being all used, we had to wait until Noon to finally move to a more spacious room. The girls came to meet their brother, as did grandmas. Around 4pm hubby left so he could spend some daddy time with the girls. I tried to get some rest in between feedings. Oliver just wanted to cuddle. I was thrilled with the fact the nurses didn’t seem concerned that I would have Oliver sleep with me, instead of his bassinet. (With Rhem, a nurse yelled at me that I was not allowed to hold Rhem when I slept, but I could not get Ollie to sleep in his bassinet, every time I laid him down he would scream because he was so gassy.) Around 7pm PJ came back to the hospital with the girls so they could love on their brother a little more and give mom some hugs and laughs. A little before 9pm they left, leaving mommy and baby to try and get some rest. In the morning they checked my blood again. My iron level dropped to 6. I was worried they wouldn’t let me leave today like I had wanted, but since my bleeding was very little and I wasn’t light headed and was able to move around just fine, they gave me 110ml of iron supplement and a prescription of iron pills to take this week to help me get closer to normal. Hubby arrived back to the hospital. Helped me pack up our things, we got some newborn pictures taken, and we were free to leave. It was an exhausting, frighting, 36 hours but we were heading home feeling pretty good with a beautiful, healthy baby. Thanking God for His goodness.

Rhemidy Loves having her brother and mom home. Hadiley seems a little mad at me, but slowly warming back up. Thank you every one for your kind words and prayers over me and baby Ollie.

Now for the good part, pictures. 😉

Oliver Xavier. 9lbs. 1oz. 20 inches.
IMG_6780 IMG_6835 IMG_6883 IMG_6885 IMG_6932 IMG_7009 IMG_7099 IMG_7122 IMG_7147 IMG_7148 IMG_7178 IMG_7226 IMG_7241 IMG_7400 IMG_7507 IMG_7516 IMG_0752 IMG_0756 IMG_0769 IMG_0814




IMG_2925_edited-2 IMG_2952_edited-1

My sweet little niece was born yesterday. Here is baby Toria. 8 1/2 pounds of perfection. 🙂

She makes baby number 4 born this year in our family. My daughter Hadiley was born at the beginning of February. My cousin’s son Aiden was born at the end of April. My other cousin’s son, Jase, was born last week. And now my sister’s daughter, Toria, was born yesterday. 2 more babies to come in the next month! I cannot wait to get a picture of all 6 of them together this fall!


I think we skipped spring…

Here in Iowa I am pretty sure we skipped right over spring, we have gone from cold & snowy, straight into the high 80’s and 90’s. I am ready to go swimming! I really need to get a sprinkler for the kids, and get some more outside play equipment!

Anyways, we have been busy busy busy around here. (which I will post about tomorrow in “fragments”) Today I had planned for the kids to run around outside while I do some yard work, but Rhem woke up WAY to early, then got sun screen in her eyes, and so she is currently taking a nap 2 hours earlier than usual. Hadi is also napping, so the day care kids are quietly playing in the other room and lunch shall be started soon. I could tell today was going to be a rough day, considering Rhem woke up in a whinny mood. blah.

On a good note, (one of) my cousin will have her baby by next tuesday, and my sister is having her baby by the next following tuesdays. Yay babies! I am sure I will take an abundance of pictures to share. 🙂

This saturday feels like everyone has decided to host something. and each starts and hour apart. haha. One friend is having a grill out at 3. My niece’s party is at 4. and My friend is having a graduation party at 5. Wonderful weather comes, and our calender gets filled!

ok. I must go make some lunch and get this house ready for nap while the kids eat. Hopefully my kids will take an extra long nap so I can have some quiet time too!


Life in the NICU

IMG_6687 IMG_6688 IMG_6689 IMG_6690 IMG_6691 IMG_6694 IMG_6699

Well it looks (fingers crossed) that today is our last day in the NICU. We should be able to go home tomorrow morning! It has been a crazy week, one that I definitely didn’t anticipate. But we made it. I made it through my first time spending nights away from Rhem and my first time having a child “sick” enough to be admitted to a hospital. We are very blessed to have two healthy girls, and I am beyond excited to be going home and watching my girls grow up together. I want to thank everyone for all their prayers and support while we embarked on this journey of getting our baby healthy.  Nothing else to really update, Hads is obviously continuing to do great, Rhem has been a happy toddler since mom has had a little more freedom to leave the hospital for short periods of time, and I (although exhausted) am feeling great. Again, thank you for everyone  who has prayed for us, sent us gifts, as well as given us our space while we worked on getting Hads out of here. I am excited to have all our family and friends meet her very soon!

God bless.