37 weeks!


Sunday marked 37 weeks. Ahh baby will be here SO soon. We are (almost) ready for his arrival. When we bought our house, the previous owners had opened up a wall of the first bedroom on the main floor so that it was open to the living room, and making it a play room for the kids (The lady bought the house to use as a daycare) and the second bedroom had an awkward closet and a door that was old and missing a door knob. So our bedroom/ the girls bedroom was in the upstairs, which was a finished attic that has horrible air/heat. So in prepartion for this baby, and to help us when we go to sell this house, my husband has been getting the 1st bedroom back into a bedroom (putting a wall back up, and getting a door, as well as lots of other work) and redoing the closet and replacing the door in the second bedroom (as well as painting and fixing the ceiling that was damaged from some water).

ANYWAYS. So far the 1st bedroom (which will be the Hubby and I’s bedroom as well as the nursery) has the crown molding up, walls painted, door fitted, and wood floors sanded and polyed. Today after work he plans to trim the door, take the door itself back down so he can sand and paint it (we got an awesome vintage door), and put up the baseboard. If he gets all the done today, all that will be left is covering the nail holes on the trim/ baseboard/ crown molding. THEN WE CAN MOVE EVERYTHING IN! I cannot wait to decorate our bedroom and nursery. I have almost everything, we just need some curtain rods, and a different mattress for the crib, and some sheets. The 2nd bedroom still as a bit of work. (This will be the girls room) My husband re drywalled the ceiling and the closet, as well as opening the closet up so it is easier to access. We are waiting for a coworker of my husbands to come and mudd the ceiling and closet, then we can paint! After painting we have a ceiling fan to instal and we can move the girls beds and decor in! Hoping by (not this but) next weekend to have both rooms completely done!

Boy’s bag is completely packed. Carseat is ready to go. My bag is pretty much completely packed. (All that is missing is extra comfy clothes that I will throw in before we leave to the hospital, as well as my makeup) I still need to pack a little bag for the girls with books and their “gifts from brother” so they have something to do at the hospital when they visit.

Ahh. I am just so excited to finally meet this little guy! I cannot wait to smell him, and cuddle him, and see WHO HE LOOKS LIKE. My prediction (okay, really my hope) is for dark, dark hair and green eyes! (Really, because we already have a blondie and a brunette, and one with blue eyes and one with brown eyes. lol) I am thinking he will probably wait to bless us with his presence until after his due date, simply for the fact his sisters were stubborn so I figure he will be too, but I do have an appointment on Thursday so we will see what they think. 🙂 I feel he is still pretty high up, but 3 weeks ago they sad his head was already pretty low down, so I have no idea. 🙂

IMG_9897 IMG_9913 IMG_9922



29 weeks

Today baby boy is 29 weeks. 11 more weeks to go! He is about the size of an acorn squash in my belly. (15.2-16.7 inches in length, 2.5-3.8 pounds)

Last check up was on Friday, His heart rate was 150. He is my little ninja baby, constantly on the move. Big Sis Rhem is getting very excited for his arrival, constantly asking when baby brother will be here, and informing me she really wants to hold him. 🙂 Big Sis Hadiley likes to play the drums on my belly, points and says “baby,” and likes to smell my belly. (She saw Rhem kiss it, and she thought she was sniffing it, so now Hadiley smells it and cracks up laughing.)

So far I have his diaper bag prepared, washed all the cloth diapers last night, and have been looking up ideas for newborn pictures. Still wanting to get a mini crib for him (we currently have our bedroom in the upstairs, fitting our king size bed, with our regular size crib side carted. However we are finishing up the house and plan to move our bedroom downstairs in before he gets here and the bedroom down stairs is a LOT smaller and we would not be able to fit a regular crib AND our king size bed in there, especially add in a dresser and rocking chair) and we either need to get our old car seat out of the garage and get it cleaned up, or look into buying a new car seat. I will wait another 6 weeks before I start packing my hospital bag.

So far this pregnancy has been fantastic. Very little morning sickness, I get heartburn, but not every day like with Hadiley. I had bad headaches the first two trimesters, but none so far in the third.

I am so excited to meet you, baby boy! Just 2 more months and a week or two. 🙂

_MG_7915 _MG_7924


IMG_6854 IMG_20140501_133950IMG_6859

1. Rhemidy loves books. She loves to have people read them, she loves to “read” them herself, and she LOVES to “read” them to her sister. I love her excitement for knowledge, and prays it continues to grow and that I am able to provide her with all the lessons, books, and knowledge I can give, plus more.
2. Oh Hadiley, my crazy child. Her insane amount of energy seems to be paying off because she is having awesome naps every day now so I am very thankful for that! Now if only she could start going to bed at 9:30 again instead of staying up till 10:30/11 every night…
3. Baby #3. Boy. 25 weeks. 4 days. He is growing increasingly active and I love it!



IMG_6592IMG_6582  IMG_6597

1.Rhemi has been wearing a princess dress everyday this week, and today NEEDED to paint in her princess Rapunzel book sh got for her birthday.
2. Hadiley has been taking naps AWESOMELY lately. I usually still have to lay down with her to get her to go down, but there is much less of a fight, and she is taking at least an hour nap which is glorious!

3. Baby #3. Boy. 23 weeks. 4 days. He finally has a NAME!!! although, we aren’t sharing his name until his birth. 🙂

I had planned to do an update this week with my baby’s progress, however my hubby seems to have the stomach flu, so I have been crazy busy keeping the girls away from dad, cooking and cleaning, and disinfecting this house. Hopefully next week I can start doing weekly updates of baby’s growth with a profile picture of the bump 🙂



IMG_6292 IMG_6297 IMG_6303

1. My sweet Rhem has been talking all weekend about her birthday week that starts tomorrow. I cannot believe she is turning three already.
2. Miss Hadiley has gotten AWESOME at signing and saying “Eeeeeese” (please); she signed please about 10 times (and clapped for herself after each time) for this single piece of cheese. She cracks me up.
3. Baby #3. Sweet baby boy is 22 weeks today.


Happy Veterans Day

My husband in Afghanistan in 2011.1469897_10201699747753523_464841388_n
My Husband, Me, and Rhem at his Coming Home Ceremony.

Happy Veterans Day to all our awesome men and women who serve in our military. (as well as all the past military men and women) I am blessed with a Grandpa, Uncle, and Step-brother who have all served in the Marines. As well as marry a man who him, and 2 of his brothers serves in the Army. And my Father-in-law was in the Air force.

On another note, miss Hadiley turned NINE months last week. Where has time gone? She is almost walking, eating real food, and is into EVERYTHING. I love my chucky, little blue eyed girl!


My Big Girl

Rhem has been telling me, “Mom, I not a baby! Hadi is a baby, I a big girl!” and (sadly) she is right. At the beginning of this month we started Preschool back up, She loves to learn and sing songs and knows majority of her letters, shapes, colors, and numbers now. She also has so many songs memorized, one being “Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift. (I don’t even know how she learned that song, considering we rarely listen to music that isn’t worship/Christian music)

Rhem is OBSESSED with dresses, and that is all she wants to wear. (skirts count as dress too, according to her) She is honestly an amazing help around the house and the best big sister. My mom said the other day she picked up up from bible school and all the kids were running out the door to their parents to leave, and Rhem was happily cleaning up by herself and telling “Nena” to hold on because she needs to clean up the toys. She is becoming such a beautiful soul and child. I love watching her play and learn and grow. She of course has her moments of tantrums and attitude but most of the time she is my sweet baby big girl Rhemi.
IMG_0475  IMG_0613 IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0718

Wait, what? My baby is SEVEN MONTHS already?!!?

Little miss Hadi has turned 7 months old. Where has time gone?!

She loves to stick her tongue out. She loves to talk up a storm. She is crawling EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING. and I love every moment of it. She has also been trying to pull herself up when holding onto the coffee table or couch. She is wearing size 12m and 18m clothes already and has started eating some solid foods. (we skipped the baby food and went to baby led weaning and let her have some baby cereal puffs, baby biscuits, veggie and fruit melts, toast, and small pieces of soft fruit)t

IMG_0563 IMG_0572 IMG_0582 IMG_0589 IMG_0598 IMG_0600

Love you my sweet, sweet Hadiley.

(tomorrow I will do an update on Rhem so she isn’t left out lol)


4 months.

Hadi turned 4 months last week. I cannot believe how big she is getting already, time is flying bye. She can roll over, she reaches and plays with toys, she loves to blow raspberries, (my husband and I were just talking about this, what do you call it when close your lips and blow, making a duck/fart type sound? Often times on kids bellys or face that tickles and makes them laugh? I remember my aunt calling them Raspberries so that’s what I refer to them as, but I have heard a few different names, as well as people (read:my husband) say he has never used a name for it), She laughs and smiles constantly, she sleeps awesome during the night, she LOVES baths & showers with mom, she loves to be worn in a sling, just LOVES her jumperroo, and Likes to sit in her bumbo or bouncer and watch the kiddos play. Her eyes are still very blue/grey. Her hair is a light brown. Her skin is pale white. (haha)

Here are the extras from her 4 month picture. (each month I take her picture next to a big elephant to mark her growth, I did the same for her big sis Rhem 🙂 )
IMG_3544 IMG_3546 IMG_3558 IMG_3576 IMG_3577 IMG_3581

Happy 4 months, beautiful!