37 weeks!


Sunday marked 37 weeks. Ahh baby will be here SO soon. We are (almost) ready for his arrival. When we bought our house, the previous owners had opened up a wall of the first bedroom on the main floor so that it was open to the living room, and making it a play room for the kids (The lady bought the house to use as a daycare) and the second bedroom had an awkward closet and a door that was old and missing a door knob. So our bedroom/ the girls bedroom was in the upstairs, which was a finished attic that has horrible air/heat. So in prepartion for this baby, and to help us when we go to sell this house, my husband has been getting the 1st bedroom back into a bedroom (putting a wall back up, and getting a door, as well as lots of other work) and redoing the closet and replacing the door in the second bedroom (as well as painting and fixing the ceiling that was damaged from some water).

ANYWAYS. So far the 1st bedroom (which will be the Hubby and I’s bedroom as well as the nursery) has the crown molding up, walls painted, door fitted, and wood floors sanded and polyed. Today after work he plans to trim the door, take the door itself back down so he can sand and paint it (we got an awesome vintage door), and put up the baseboard. If he gets all the done today, all that will be left is covering the nail holes on the trim/ baseboard/ crown molding. THEN WE CAN MOVE EVERYTHING IN! I cannot wait to decorate our bedroom and nursery. I have almost everything, we just need some curtain rods, and a different mattress for the crib, and some sheets. The 2nd bedroom still as a bit of work. (This will be the girls room) My husband re drywalled the ceiling and the closet, as well as opening the closet up so it is easier to access. We are waiting for a coworker of my husbands to come and mudd the ceiling and closet, then we can paint! After painting we have a ceiling fan to instal and we can move the girls beds and decor in! Hoping by (not this but) next weekend to have both rooms completely done!

Boy’s bag is completely packed. Carseat is ready to go. My bag is pretty much completely packed. (All that is missing is extra comfy clothes that I will throw in before we leave to the hospital, as well as my makeup) I still need to pack a little bag for the girls with books and their “gifts from brother” so they have something to do at the hospital when they visit.

Ahh. I am just so excited to finally meet this little guy! I cannot wait to smell him, and cuddle him, and see WHO HE LOOKS LIKE. My prediction (okay, really my hope) is for dark, dark hair and green eyes! (Really, because we already have a blondie and a brunette, and one with blue eyes and one with brown eyes. lol) I am thinking he will probably wait to bless us with his presence until after his due date, simply for the fact his sisters were stubborn so I figure he will be too, but I do have an appointment on Thursday so we will see what they think. 🙂 I feel he is still pretty high up, but 3 weeks ago they sad his head was already pretty low down, so I have no idea. 🙂

IMG_9897 IMG_9913 IMG_9922



Girls. Girls. Girls.

_MG_8168 _MG_8197 _MG_8215 _MG_8217

This week has been filled with girls. While my sister has been subbing, I have been watching my three beautiful nieces and Rhem and Hadiley LOVE it. Rhem is glued to her big cousin, Leona’s hip. But also making sure she makes time to feed at least one bottle to baby Lana. Hadiley watches Toria and is sure to run and take anything that Tori attempts to play with, just so she can hand it back to her, as if she is giving her permission to play with her toys. You can imagine how loud my house has been these last few days haha Thankfully all the girls seem to be very happy (expect for nap time, but that is expected. Why kids hate nap, I will never understand, because I LOVE when I get a chance to nap! haha) Gosh we sure to have a lot of beautiful girls in our family 😉 And this boy is going to be smothered with love by all these females in his life (and probably will receive a lot of Sass, too!)

*Rhem was in a “DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE, MOM” type mood today. stinker.



Well, as you can tell, I haven’t been updating much lately. Everyday I wake up with the plan to make time to get some pictures, or try a new recipe, or sew something up, and update the blog. But due to lack of sleep this last week, a hubby working from 7am-3:30pm, then attending night school from 4:30pm-9:15pm, and me staying home with our two girls, my 3 nieces, and one daycare child, on top of being 30+ weeks pregnant, equals one EXHAUSTED mama. Last night I actually did take some 31 weeks pregnant, only to upload them and see I had set the focus wrong and they all were pretty darn blurry. I thought about retaking them, but instead I quickly gave my girls bath, got them ready for bed, cleaned the house, made the Hubby’s lunch, and went to bed. Ha.

The rest of this week will probably continue on being busy busy busy, but hoping this weekend I can finally do some update blogging. (Although with PJ having Drill during the day on Saturday and part of Sunday, an with Father’s Day being Sunday, we will see if I have time.) And next M-F will pretty much be the same as this week.

But seeing as the girls are currently occupied, I have a few minutes to spare.

Rhem surprises me everyday. This girl loves to learn, loves to explore, and is such a nurturer. While her sister is starting the “testing limits and hitting” stage, Rhem is very patient with her and has yet to strike back. I am really wanting to get her in some classes soon, like dance or gymnastics. And hopefully she will be getting swimming lessons soon as well. Often times I find myself just watching her, wondering HOW I already have a child who is 3 (going on 13) and how blessed I am with such a sweet, silly three year old!

Hadiley. Oh my wild child. She hates strollers (unless they are in our house, then she must be pushed all around our small house…) as well as carriers, she wants to walk…err. run. Which would be fine, if she would listen and follow us, or you know, hold my hand. I am just realizing that she is starting to growing taller, so I am constantly putting clothes away that I literally just got out of storage. She has mastered the art of kissing without drooling ALL OVER your face, and although she doesn’t always want to give mom or dad a kiss, when she does, she HAS to give you 15 in a row. Her vocabulary is growing each day, which I love, but sad to see my baby girl growing up SO fast. (and I mean FAST! seeing as she walked 3 whole months before Rhem learned to walk.) She is now saying:
More, All done, Mom, Dada, Up, Please, Thank You, I love you, Bye/Hi, No, Yes.

Where have my babies gone? Well, all is good, because baby boy will be here in 9 weeks!! I am very excited for August to get here, so I will have my newborn little boy, an 18 month toddler girl, and my 3 and half year old teenager. 😉 I had an appointment last Friday, I was measure right on tract, no swelling, good blood pressure, and great numbers on my glucose test. And heart beat was strong. My next Appointment is Next Friday, when I will be 32 weeks 5 days, then I will have another at 34w. 5d. Then 36w.5d. Then 37w. 5d. then 38w.5d. then 39w.5d. and then HOPEFULLY baby will be here! 6 more appointments (maybe 7) Ahh. So close.

I love knowing he will be here so soon, but at the same time I look around the house and thing, Oh no, we have only 9 weeks to finish all these rooms. (Kitchen needs finished primed and painted. Living room needs trim and baseboard put up, hallway needs second coat of primer plus paint and baseboard, “green” room needs to finish being mudded, then primed, then painted, then base board, then a door put on, oh and we need to add lights to the room, THEN we can finally bring our bed and dresser down and set up for baby, then the “blue” room needs the ceiling replaced because of some mold, then painted, then we can turn it back into the girls room. Oh and the bathroom still needs baseboard. Writing this list makes me want to cry. haha.) After baby gets here, we then can move to focusing on repainting the upstairs and getting new baseboard and trim up there, and focus on the outside, which will includ painting some of the house, LOTS of weeding, and tearing somethings out. so. much. work. blah.

Okay. now I must clean up all the crumbs my sweet Hadiley just poured all over the couch and new rug, and clean up the water that Rhem spilled during her “tea” party, and finish cleaning up dinner.

Easter Weekend

IMG_6608 IMG_6613 IMG_6616 IMG_6619 IMG_6623 IMG_6632 IMG_6641 IMG_6648 IMG_6649 IMG_6655 IMG_6661 IMG_6664 IMG_6668 IMG_6698 IMG_6703 IMG_6705

A belated post from our Easter Weekend.
On Saturday we celebrated the girls, Uncle Micheal’s 30th birthday. Both girls even got a chance at the pinata, although Rhemidy was really confused at why she had to wear a blind fold. haha.
On Easter Sunday, the girls woke up to Baskets with some fun outdoor toys (no candy, I know, I am that mom. lol) and snacks. They had donuts and fruit for breakfast before heading out to church in the dresses that Rhem had picked out. After church we headed to my grandparents house for a DELICIOUS linner. (you know, that meal that is at 3 in the afternoon… what is this, lunch? dinner? I have no idea, but I love it! Especially when there are leftovers for a late night snack 🙂 ) The girls were excited to hangout with their Nana and Papa as well as their cousins. They had an Easter egg hunt (so don’t worry, my children DID get to have some candy that day!) and had another Easter basket from their Nana and Papa. We kept trying to explain Easter to Rhemidy, but she often seemed to think that maybe it was Christmas. Over all it was a wonderful Easter weekend, although, due to the sickness that was in our house the week leading up, we never got to color eggs, but there is always next year! 🙂


St. PADDY’s day and warm weather

Well apparently us Americans have been saying St. Patty’s day, but really if we are going to shorten it, it is suppose to be St. Paddy’s day. (because Patty is short from Patrica and Paddy is short for Patrick, who knew!? 🙂 )

Anyways, since all the St. Patrick’s day festivities were over the weekend, I completely forgot that Monday was actually St. Patrick’s day, so I quickly pulled out some things green for crafts with the kids, I made some green popcorn balls for snack, and i made delicious asparagus to add bright green to our dinner. (I thought about making green eggs, but I know Rhem would not touch it if they were green, so I opt out of that lol)

We also have been enjoying some nice weather the last few days, causing snow to melt away and the ground to dry up (well in some places) allowing kids time to go out and play. It has been WONDERFUL. Unfortantly today is another chilly day, with light rain/snow in the air, but the next two days will be in the mid-high 50’s! YAY (this is glorious news for us midwesters that have been stuck in a very cold, snowy winter!)

Hadiley is LOVING the outdoors, since she has got a glimpse of life outside, she now stands at the window whining and longing for running around in the grass and going on walks. I cannot wait until the winter is far behind us and for summer’s hot days and playing in the water surround us. It will come. I must believe this. (although another chance of snow on Monday takes a little of that hope away. Sigh. )

In other news. SIX days until we find out if our new little arrow will rock a BOW in her hair, or a BOW-TIE on his neck. 🙂

IMG_5434 IMG_5458 IMG_5490 IMG_5506 IMG_5513 IMG_5539 IMG_5541 IMG_5552 IMG_5562 IMG_5565 IMG_5588



IMG_5281 IMG_5305

1.Hadiley’s favorite spot in the house is the bench daddy built underneath the window.
2. Rhemi loves setting up the mats for nap time, and the blankets MUST BE PERFECT. 🙂
3. Baby #3. 18 weeks, 2 days.

(Pictures were taken yesterday, I just forgot to post them. oops 🙂 )


the things she says.

Some recent quotes from the one and only Rhemidy.

“Mom! Did you put these grapes on my plate?!! OHH I am SO excited to eat them!”

(looks at Hadiley)”You’re a pretty lady.”

(places play phone to her ear) “Mom, I am on the phone with my dad, you need to wait a minute and be quiet please.”

(while watching the Hunger Games, Catching fire, girl gets naked in elevator, you don’t see any private parts, thankfully, but you can tell she is taking clothes off and when she walks out you see her from behind (not her behind) that she doesn’t have a shirt) “Ummm, why did that girl get naked? There were boys.” (smart girl 😉 )

(daily question) “Mom! Why can’t Hadiley talk to me!?!” (or ‘why isn’t she saying hello back to me, etc.)

(trying to learn that we need to listen to mom and dad) “When I listen, I not funny :/, but when I LISTEN, I am funny! 🙂 ”

(talking about her upcoming birthday and turning three years old)” MOM I AM NOT THREE! I TWO!!!” “Rhem, I know you are two, but you are going to turn three next month.” “NO I AM TWO!!!!!!”

(after going potty) “Mom, I think I have a baby in my belly, like you!”

IMG_5060 IMG_5062 IMG_5070 IMG_5075 IMG_5079 IMG_5082 IMG_5093

Tea for three

IMG_4800 IMG_4803 IMG_4805 IMG_4807 IMG_4820 IMG_4839

On Saturday, Nana had three of (four, soon to be 6!) grandbabies over for a fancy tea (chocolate milk with whip cream) party. Leona, Rhemidy, and Hadiley got out their favorite dresses, which Nana decorated with some beautiful pearls, and dined on some old, floral china. They sipped their “tea” and enjoyed some deli rolls, mini cinnamon rolls, delicious cupcakes, and fresh fruit. They even shared with their favorite teddy bears. I love watching them make memories with my mom, and enjoy things I did when I was a little tot. I see more tea parties in the future with their awesome Nana.


First Birthday

Well earlier this month, my sweet little baby turned a year old. Wow time sure has flown by. We celebrated with some close friends and family, who blessed us with new clothes and books and toys. Her party theme was cupcakes and tea party. She had a wonderful time, although she was glued to mom for most of it!

A year old, and miss Hadiley can…
Walk like a champ.
Say “Mama” “Dada” “Dat?” “Daa!” (dog)
She waves goodbye.
She signs “please.”
She gives high fives.
She claps.
She dances.
She climbs up AND down the stairs.
She climbs on EVERYTHING.
She gives Mom, Dad, and Sister sloppy, mouth open, tongue out, kisses on our noses. (strange girl. lol)
She has 8 teeth.
She eats EVERYTHING and has no food allergies! (Thank you God!)
The first two months of breastfeeding were definitely hard, as has the last 3 months, seeing that I am pregnant. but we made it and I am so proud. Now I am trying to wean, due to it being painful while being pregnant, but that isn’t going so well lol We will have one day where she only nurses once, and then we will have days she wants to nurse every 2 hours :/ But we will get there! 🙂

IMG_4339 IMG_4341 IMG_4342 IMG_4346 IMG_4372 IMG_4381 IMG_4399 IMG_4400 IMG_4447 IMG_4449 IMG_4473


I’m still here!

I feel as if I haven’t updated in a year! (but really it has only been 2 months)

So much has been going on, with holidays, family in town, working on the house, and chasing around two crazy kids. Well Much exciting things to announce. So let’s get to it. 🙂

First: My sweet BABY Hadiley turned 1 this month. (yes, my BABY turned ONE!) Last year seemed to fly bye! (Although her first week of life spent in the NICU seemed to last f.o.r.e.v.e.r.)

At a year old, she walks (RUNS!) everywhere. She says Da (Dad), Mama, and Dat (asking, “What’s that?” as she points at everything). She wears 18 months clothes already and weighs 25 pounds. Her hair is now a light brown and her eyes are still a beautiful blue. She finally drinks out of a sippy, and has no allergies so far! (although she isn’t as obsessed with peanut butter as the rest of her family is…weirdo.) Her birthday also marked a YEAR or Breastfeeding! yay! I am very proud of myself for this!

In other news,
edit3 (1 of 1) IMG_4338

That’s right, we will be adding another arrow to our family in August 🙂 I am 14 weeks (yesterday) so hopefully we will find out what we are having in April! (although, this time around I was actually going to allow it to be a secret, but husband says no, he NEEDS to know lol) We are very excited, as is Rhemidy. Hoping Hadiley is as excepting of a little brother/sister as Rhemi was of her! 🙂

Well that is all for today, I have 4 crazy kids that are getting hungry for lunch!