A Tennessee Adventure

Sorry I have been MIA this last week, we took a short vacation to Nashville, TN for the wedding of a close friend. It was a wonderful trip, and along with the wedding we were able to stay with a friend of ours who moved down to TN a couple years ago! Rhem loved the warmer weather and seeing so many horses. While the city life is of course fun, we really enjoyed staying out in the country. It was a nice, and much needed vacation. And now I can cross off Tennessee of states I want to see. (I really want to travel all 50 states, then travel out of country.. so far I have been to 15 of 50 states!)

IMG_0292 IMG_9807 tn1 tn2 tn5 tn6 tn8 tn10 tn11 tn13 tn14

peace & love.