park love

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The other day I had an unexpected day off, so I took the girls out for donuts, trift store shopping, and a play date at the park. Hadiley is such a busy, curious, tough girl. She just wanted to run around and see EVERYTHING and boy, did she fall A LOT, but no tears. Rhemidy, of course, cried if a kid accidentally brushed against her on the way up the steps. (She is so much like me. hahaha) I love being able to just go and do things and look forward to the day when I no longer am doing daycare, and can take the kids out to explore whenever we feel inclined too! I am very excited that the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, unfortunately it is spring here in the midwest, which means lots of rain is coming, but soon we will have warm and sunny days. We are ready to be out and burning off all this energy that has been bottled up since the first snow in OCTOBER. It has been a long 5 months.

This weekend was another nice weekend, so we had more park time, a little shopping for the house and boy, and PJ and I even had a date night! (which ended at a batting cage, which I have not hit a ball in a v.e.r.y. long time, so the first few pitches I was extremely stiff, but I did end up hitting a few, but I definitely felt it the next morning. My back and arms are killing me! haha)




IMG_6029IMG_5974IMG_6012  1. Rhemidy is ALWAYS singing. Usually it is a combination of “Let it Go” and just made up words and things about her day. I love it.
2. We have balloons from the big reveal, and you can find Hadiley playing when them from the time she wakes up, until she goes to sleep. (the only time she doesn’t have them, is when she is eating. Girl loves to eat.)
3. Baby BOY. 20 weeks. 3 days. He is moving around a lot more, and we are still working on finding the perfect name for him. Finding his name seems to be more work than it was with both girls. But, we have 20 whole weeks to decide. 🙂



IMG_5668 IMG_5708 IMG_5713
1. Rhemidy was ignoring me outside and kept running from the camera with a smirk on her face.
2. Hadiley is in love with outside. If I let her, she would spend all day out there, even though it hasn’t even hit the 40’s yet today.
3. Baby 3. 19 weeks, 2 days. (we find out gender in 5 days! 🙂 )

St. PADDY’s day and warm weather

Well apparently us Americans have been saying St. Patty’s day, but really if we are going to shorten it, it is suppose to be St. Paddy’s day. (because Patty is short from Patrica and Paddy is short for Patrick, who knew!? 🙂 )

Anyways, since all the St. Patrick’s day festivities were over the weekend, I completely forgot that Monday was actually St. Patrick’s day, so I quickly pulled out some things green for crafts with the kids, I made some green popcorn balls for snack, and i made delicious asparagus to add bright green to our dinner. (I thought about making green eggs, but I know Rhem would not touch it if they were green, so I opt out of that lol)

We also have been enjoying some nice weather the last few days, causing snow to melt away and the ground to dry up (well in some places) allowing kids time to go out and play. It has been WONDERFUL. Unfortantly today is another chilly day, with light rain/snow in the air, but the next two days will be in the mid-high 50’s! YAY (this is glorious news for us midwesters that have been stuck in a very cold, snowy winter!)

Hadiley is LOVING the outdoors, since she has got a glimpse of life outside, she now stands at the window whining and longing for running around in the grass and going on walks. I cannot wait until the winter is far behind us and for summer’s hot days and playing in the water surround us. It will come. I must believe this. (although another chance of snow on Monday takes a little of that hope away. Sigh. )

In other news. SIX days until we find out if our new little arrow will rock a BOW in her hair, or a BOW-TIE on his neck. 🙂

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IMG_5281 IMG_5305

1.Hadiley’s favorite spot in the house is the bench daddy built underneath the window.
2. Rhemi loves setting up the mats for nap time, and the blankets MUST BE PERFECT. 🙂
3. Baby #3. 18 weeks, 2 days.

(Pictures were taken yesterday, I just forgot to post them. oops 🙂 )


the things she says.

Some recent quotes from the one and only Rhemidy.

“Mom! Did you put these grapes on my plate?!! OHH I am SO excited to eat them!”

(looks at Hadiley)”You’re a pretty lady.”

(places play phone to her ear) “Mom, I am on the phone with my dad, you need to wait a minute and be quiet please.”

(while watching the Hunger Games, Catching fire, girl gets naked in elevator, you don’t see any private parts, thankfully, but you can tell she is taking clothes off and when she walks out you see her from behind (not her behind) that she doesn’t have a shirt) “Ummm, why did that girl get naked? There were boys.” (smart girl 😉 )

(daily question) “Mom! Why can’t Hadiley talk to me!?!” (or ‘why isn’t she saying hello back to me, etc.)

(trying to learn that we need to listen to mom and dad) “When I listen, I not funny :/, but when I LISTEN, I am funny! 🙂 ”

(talking about her upcoming birthday and turning three years old)” MOM I AM NOT THREE! I TWO!!!” “Rhem, I know you are two, but you are going to turn three next month.” “NO I AM TWO!!!!!!”

(after going potty) “Mom, I think I have a baby in my belly, like you!”

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what makes it feel like home

I could go on and on (as could my husband) about all the things that drive us crazy about our house. Things that need to be done (and I am not talking about just little paint jobs, like floors that are ripped up and need to be relaid and walls that need to be re-dry walled, etc, etc.) and how we wish our house looked like. But then I remind myself how blessed we are to have a roof over our heads, with enough room for our family, dog, and daycare kids to roam around. So today I am focusing on the things in our house that I love and make it more than just a house, but our home.

a dream catcher that I have had since I was little.IMG_4921
my girls play kitchen, next to my “big” kitchen so they can cook along with me.IMG_4923
our china cabniet that we found for a steal at a DAV to keep our treasures.IMG_4926 IMG_4927
including my willow tree collection… IMG_4930
as well as the cake topper from our wedding…IMG_4933 IMG_4934
and some of my favorite books. IMG_4936
our giant bed in our big open room.IMG_4939
Rhemidy’s closet door that I painted with flowers and have been tracking her growth. IMG_4942
and a picture in our bathroom, that I had in my childhood home’s bathroom of a little girl carrying a doll. I love this picture because the girl looks like me and has a doll that looks so much like a doll I use to have, and now Rhemidy looks like the girl in the picture.
and of course, our giant back yard. (it goes beyond the chain-link fence to that line of trees, It hasnt been used much this winter with how horribly cold has been) Although in the summer it is a PAIN to mow, taking 2 hours on our rider, it has so much room for having friends over for parties, and bon fires, and the taking the kids exploring.


Tea for three

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On Saturday, Nana had three of (four, soon to be 6!) grandbabies over for a fancy tea (chocolate milk with whip cream) party. Leona, Rhemidy, and Hadiley got out their favorite dresses, which Nana decorated with some beautiful pearls, and dined on some old, floral china. They sipped their “tea” and enjoyed some deli rolls, mini cinnamon rolls, delicious cupcakes, and fresh fruit. They even shared with their favorite teddy bears. I love watching them make memories with my mom, and enjoy things I did when I was a little tot. I see more tea parties in the future with their awesome Nana.